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Cloud International recognises that business decisions are often only as good as the data used to make them.

As companies grow they will need to have effective ERP and CRM systems to ensure streamlined operations and happy customers. But this is no longer enough. In the age of big data – where knowing your customers’ needs before they do is often the only way to ensure a competitive advantage – the ability to store, analyse, and securely protect that data, is paramount.

At Cloud International we are the only global recruitment company that is structured to exclusively provide skilled professionals across ERP, CRM, Security, Data Analytics and Tech.

Our mission is to give companies the people they need to build the systems they need to create the data they need to make good business decisions.

To achieve this we aim to make the recruitment process as simple, fit for purpose and results-driven as possible. To this end we have developed the ‘Cloud Way’ – a best in class recruitment process that ensures an outstanding level of service no matter which division, team or Consultant within the business you deal with. 

This unique approach to recruitment, that puts the challenges of 21st century business at its core, is why we are best placed to help you find a challenging new position or the next employee to help drive your business forward.

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