​When you first graduate it can be hard to know what you want to do as a career. If you haven't secured a graduate scheme (or feel that a grad scheme isn't the best option for you), then it can be daunting to know what career to choose after you graduate.

As a graduate, you probably want to move to (or stay in) a big city. And you will want to choose a graduate career with good career prospects, training, development, and remuneration. You will likely want a role where you can use the skills you have gained in your degree, and also learn new skills on the job that will support your professional and personal development.

If you're a graduate looking to start your career, have you considered a career in recruitment?

As a recent graduate, you have a lot of skills that employers are looking for (particularly in a recruitment agency setting). If you played a sport, were active in a society or club, or participated in extra-curricular activities, these are all things that can support your application to a Graduate Recruitment Consultant role, as it shows that you have experience and interests outside of your degree subject. Plus you will have learned a lot of valuable skills as part of your studying, including research, critical thinking, decision-making, prioritisation, and time management. These are all essential skills for recruiters, and something that any Talent Acquisition team will be looking for in a Graduate Recruitment Consultant.

A career in recruitment is an excellent first step in your career. You will receive excellent training, learn from the best, and familiarise yourself with ins and outs of the business, all while getting paid a competitive base salary plus commission and bonuses. It's a very friendly and sociable environment with a bit of healthy competition. A lot of recruitment agencies offer incentives, prizes, holidays and more to top performers in the business - and that could be you!

If you want to kick-start your career as a Graduate Recruitment Consultant, speak to our Talent Acquisition team or visit our latest vacancies.


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