Recruitment Consultant

​A Recruitment Consultant is an expert in sourcing and placing candidates in new job opportunities. Recruitment Consultants can be highly specialised in a particular industry or can be generalist recruiters, which means that they recruit across a number of industries and job titles. At Cloud International, our Recruitment Consultants are experts in their niche, and have highly specialised market knowledge that helps candidates find their ideal new opportunity, and helps employers find the right candidates with highly sought-after skills.

No two days are the same in the life of a Recruitment Consultant; their job is very fast-paced, with a lot of moving parts. A Recruitment Consultant will spend a lot of their time finding candidates through job boards, on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, and through their network. They will also speak to their client base; employers who are looking for specific skills to fill urgent vacancies, to discuss the requirements for their roles, and to ensure they find the best possible candidates for the position.

A career in recruitment is highly rewarding and can be very lucrative. As a Recruitment Consultant, you get to help candidates find a new job that they love, at a good salary, which influences all other aspects of life. A stable, fulfilling career can be life-affirming for many, and as a Recruitment Consultant, you get to play a part in finding that dream role for your candidates. You also help your clients grow their business with critical hires that will help them meet their business objectives. Also as a Recruitment Consultant, you will earn a competitive base salary, as well as commission for the placements you make. A lot of recruitment agencies also offer bonuses and regular incentives such as away days and holidays abroad. At Cloud International, our top Recruitment Consultants have been on holidays to Miami, Dubai, Edinburgh, Dublin, Ibiza and more!

Recruitment is a very competitive industry but good teamworking and cooperation are essential as a Recruitment Consultant, to make sure you hit your targets and get to experience all the best a career as a Recruiter has to offer!