Who Are Cloud International?

Cloud International is the only global recruitment company that is structured to exclusively provide skilled professionals across Identity, SAP, CRM and the programming language and architecture that provides the foundation for an organisation’s cloud infrastructure. We are uniquely placed to provide the people that allow you to reach the full potential of the cloud.

Our consultants specialise in a niche area of technology, so whether searching for a key hire for your team or looking for the next step in your career you’ll speak to someone who understands the technical aspects of what you do. We speak your language and are placed to provide the help and advise you need to make the right decision.

Our core areas are:

We are the global leaders in IAM recruitment. We have the largest team of specialist Identity recruitment consultants working in our international network of offices in UK, Germany and the US.

CloudSAP are uniquely structured with each consultant specialising in an individual module. This ensures they have an indepth knowledge and are capable of providing expert advise whether looking to build a team or take the next step in your career.

Our CloudTech team provides a one stop shop for IT teams looking for professionals across Development, covering .NET, Java and Front End, Infrastructure and DevOps. Our consultants each focus on one technology in one geographical location to gain a complete overview of these markets.

The CloudCRM team has extensive knowledge across Salesforce, Dynamics CRM and SAP CRM. Be it helping a SAP Consultancy in Bavaria expand their CRM Team, or staffing entire projects for the biggest Salesforce user in the world out in San Francisco, Cloud employees have done it all.