The CloudCRM Team understand the importance of CRM systems – after all Cloud International’s entire business is centred around our very own CRM.

If the system is designed, developed, configured and implemented properly a good CRM system can provide massive returns on investment in a very short period of time. Done incorrectly implementations, upgrades or even small projects can cost huge sums and actually make your teams lives more difficult.

At Cloud we pride ourselves on giving you the people you need to build the CRM system that will take your business to the next level.

Within the team we have almost a decade worth of experience in Salesforce, the same in Microsoft Dynamics and an extensive network in SAP CRM which is helped by the CloudERP teams success with SAP overall. Our coverage in these markets is truly global. Our Consultants have provided entire project teams to one of the biggest Salesforce sites in the world out in San Francisco, worked on the largest Dynamics CRM implementation ever completed in the UK and worked on highly complex SAP CRM projects across Germany.

For a confidential chat about your next CRM role, or to talk to us about a vacancy you need to fill, contact your local CRM team

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