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Hitesh's Story

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago

Hitesh’s journey to the US has not been a straightforward one. After working in New York at the beginning of his career, Hitesh always wanted to move back State-side one day. But promises of relocation never materialised until he joined Cloud International.

When Adam Bush, Managing Director of Cloud International, met Hitesh, he was looking for an experienced SAP recruiter to join the team as a senior manager in the European market. But Hitesh’s experience and passion for the US market were undeniable. So, with backing from investors and an already established presence in the US, it was the perfect opportunity to launch Cloud SAP into the growing US market.

Hitesh joined Cloud International in January 2021 when the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was still being felt. Travel bans and restrictions were in place in many countries and there were long delays affecting visa applications. Despite these setbacks, Hitesh worked tirelessly to establish Cloud SAP’s presence in the US market, bringing on top clients and building a large network of excellent SAP candidates. Hitesh enjoyed a very successful first year at Cloud International, all while working US hours remotely from the UK.


“My goal for the last three years has been to get over to the US. That has been a huge focus for me, and Miami has really taken off as a tech hub. The opportunity in the next three to five years is massive.” Hitesh Munsadia, Market Director, Cloud SAP North America


The hard work paid off and Hitesh hired Shana Spak, an experienced senior recruiter based in Miami, Florida, to join his team. Together they successfully grew Cloud SAP’s presence in the US, consistently ranking at the top of the Cloud International leader board.

Simultaneously, Hitesh was making arrangements to move over to Miami, and the Cloud International Operations Team was working hard to make sure his visa application went as smoothly as possible, despite delays. After his visa was finally processed and approved in March 2022, Cloud International helped him find an apartment and move all his belongings over to start his exciting new chapter in Miami.


“Our E2 visa program is alive and kicking. We’re sure that without delays due to COVID we could get experienced recruiters over to the US within their first 6 months of joining the business. We’re ready to start the visa application process from day one, so if you’re considering establishing your recruitment career in the US, we can make it happen.” Adam Bush, Managing Director, Cloud International


Since Hitesh made the move over to the US, the Cloud SAP USA team has gone from strength to strength. They have settled into their stunning new office in the heart of Miami and are growing rapidly with another new addition to the team. There are no signs of them slowing down, with the market set to continue to grow.

Now both of Cloud International’s specialist brands have a large presence in the US market. Cloud Identity’s US headquarters is well established in Boston, MA and with Cloud SAP’s additional office in Miami, these east coast bases will act as a springboard for further expansion west.

If you’ve always wanted to swap London drizzle for the sunny beaches of Miami, or perhaps New York is more your thing, we can make it happen! We have the investment, the logistics and processes in place to support talented recruitment professionals to move over to the US and make their mark. It couldn’t be a better time; the SAP and tech recruitment market is growing in the US. Many recruitment agencies have the ambition to establish a US presence. We’re already there. And we have a tried and tested process to support recruiters to make the move a success.

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