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Stay motivated with your job search

Sometimes looking for a new job can feel like a full-time job in itself. It’s easy to get complacent and stop putting in the effort. In honour of National Lazy Day, we’ve pulled together some top tips to stop you getting lazy with your job search.

Remind yourself why you’re doing it

There’s always going to be at least one factor driving you to look for a new job. It could be the prospect of a higher salary, a better work-life balance or taking on a more challenging role. Whatever the reason, make sure you keep it in mind when you’re weighing up how to spend your time. Watching that new box-set might be more fun in the short term but just think what you could do with that extra cash.

Break it down

If you want to find a new role without it feeling like a constant slog, break down your search into manageable chunks. Commit to writing three tailored cover letters in a week. Spend a few hours making sure your CV is up-to-date. Put 10 minutes aside every day to make new connections on LinkedIn. Take a couple of hours to make sure your job board profiles are complete. Create a checklist and tick it off as you go so you can see what you’ve achieved.

Celebrate your victories

The ultimate victory is of course finding a new job but there will be small wins along the way. Finished writing those cover letters you committed to writing? Celebrate! Even if it’s just by giving yourself a couple of hours off and getting out for a walk. Treating yourself for a small win will help keep you positive and motivated to reach your ultimate goal.

Get a recruiter involved

Job hunting is a lot of work and putting time aside can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Using a recruiter can speed up your search and put you in touch with opportunities you didn’t know existed. They can also offer advice on your CV and will give you objective and constructive feedback.

Can we help?

Our specialist teams can help you find your next tech role. We know our market inside out so send us your CV today and see how we can help you.

August 10th, 2018 / Cloud International