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Top 5 Skills Every Recruiter Should Have

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 years ago
  • Author:by Chris Lewis

​​With the rapid adoption of tech during the pandemic and the rise in automation taking over many of the time-consuming and menial tasks in recruitment, the soft skills of recruitment consultants have never been more important. Your network is your net worth, so they say, and as a recruiter the relationships you build and the human connections you make will become your biggest asset.

Here are the top 5 soft skills that every top recruiter should have.

1.       Resilience

I get knocked down, but I get up again!

Working in recruitment, you have to be naturally resilient. You will probably hear ‘no’ more than in the average job but that resilience is your strength, it keeps you going and fighting until you get the all-important ‘yes’. Resilience is all about pulling yourself back up when you’re down and no-where is that more important than in recruitment.


2.       Emotional intelligence

The human connection in business.

Emotional intelligence has been a hot topic for a while now, especially in roles where you work closely with others, such as recruitment. Being able to tune into a client or candidate’s real motivations, understand their needs and offer the right amount of support is all dependent on emotional intelligence. A big part of this is listening, really listening, which inspires more open and productive conversations with clients, candidates and colleagues.

No mater how clever AI gets, it won’t be able to replace true human understanding and emotional connection.


3.       Motivation & work ethic

The drive that keeps you going.

Everyone has their own motivations – whether they’re financial, professional or personal or a mix. Tapping into your motivation and finding purpose in what you do is a big factor in success. Your motivation keeps pushing you to do your best and this generates the results you want. This goes hand in hand with a strong work ethic.


4.       Problem solving & adaptability

As much as you plan ahead sometimes things just don’t work out.

In recruitment, you have to be adaptable and think on your feet to get the best results for your clients and to find your candidates their perfect new role. Creative problem solving is such a valuable and highly sought-after skill as it helps you deliver results every time.


5.       Leadership

They key to growth and development.

Leadership skills are essential in any role, especially in recruitment where you manage your own desk and business. Regardless of whether you manage people, having great leadership skills means that you take ownership and authority of your own projects and tasks and is a great skill to develop for your own personal and professional development. And it goes without saying that for a management position, strong leadership skills are one of the key skills in demand.


The takeaway

The recruitment industry is evolving and those who don’t keep up with the tech revolution will be left behind. These soft skills and most importantly, a positive attitude, will help you overcome any obstacles you may face in your role and lead to even more success.

At Cloud International, these are the skills we look out for when we bring someone into the team. They are the foundation to a strong high-performance company culture where everyone is positive, motivated and feels valued.

If you’re looking for a new opportunity, speak to our Talent Acquisition Team or connect on LinkedIn today. / +44 (0)20 3983 1049