Love Your Job

Love your job

Cloud International strives to be a business where team members look forward to coming to work each day. While we are a team of driven individuals who are given the opportunity to work independently, we are all working towards a common goal. We have a passion for being the best in recruitment, and recognize this includes our clients and candidates – we make a difference to the lives of our candidates by helping them achieve their career objectives; and help grow our clients companies by finding the people they need, even when those candidates are hard to find.

We have created a high-performance culture, with encouragement to succeed inside and outside the office. We think it’s important to have a positive work life balance – that’s why we have created a welfare program focused on supporting our team in having a healthy lifestyle. Our team members are more than just colleagues, they enjoy the opportunities and rewards of working together, whether with someone in the same office or in one of our different locations across the globe.

Speaking of locations – we have modern open plan offices in fantastic areas in the cities we are based in. Our offices have great transport links, a great atmosphere and are often surrounded by shops, bars and restaurants.

To find out more about taking the next step in your recruitment career contact Shannon Brannick on (603) 317 5163 or email