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Technology has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Think back as little as 10 years ago and a huge number of the tech jobs available today didn’t exist. Now things are different. There are millions of apps available and new ones being developed every day. Coding is a huge part of the tech world, so whether you want to turn coding into a career or just learn a new skill for fun it’s easier than ever to get started.

Where to begin

There are hundreds of free resources available to help you get started. These give you the opportunity to try out a range of different coding languages and work out which direction you want to go in before you commit. You may find that these resources offer enough information to get you to the level you want to be at or you may need to commit to a longer course. Either way, they’re a great starting point. Take a look at this post from Learn to Code with Me to find a huge range of resources to help you learn to code for free.

Practice, practice, practice

Learning to code is essentially learning a new language so you have to be willing to put in some time. Don’t be put off if you’re not getting it immediately. Take a break and go back to it later. Make notes and repeat exercises. The more you practice, the easier it’ll become.


You’ve gained a new skill, now’s the time to put it to the test. There are plenty of small charities who need digital support so why not offer to give them a hand? It gives you a chance to work on your technique and help out a charity in need. Check out for opportunities.

Get to work

Coding can open doors to a wide range of career options. If you’re ready to put your skills into action, get in touch. Our specialist teams are experts in their markets and can help you find a role that will make the most of your experience and talents. Send us your CV today or take a look at our current vacancies.

September 18th, 2018 / Cloud International