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The Global Leaders in IAM Staffing.

One of the biggest challenges facing present day businesses is the need to control who is authenticated and authorised to use resources within a company. Across all industries, organisations – big and small – need to secure the identities of employees and access to data to improve their overall Security posture.

The demand for Talented individuals to help companies achieve these aims has grown exponentially. With professionals not entering the market quickly enough to match this demand the skills gap in the IAM market has become one of the most pronounced. In this recruitment landscape a specialist Recruitment Partner is a must.

Cloud International have recruited into the IAM space for over five years and now have the most comprehensive network of IAM professionals anywhere in the world. As a result, we have become the preferred supplier of IAM staff to companies in various industries, ranging from PwC to Bank of America Merrill Lynch and IDM Works to iC Consult.

With the largest team of highly experienced IAM Recruitment professionals across Boston, London, Leeds and Munich, we are uniquely positioned to help companies find and secure IAM talent in this incredibly competitive labour market.

Cloud International IAM recruitment


Cloud International has the largest network of IAM professionals in the world. This network has been built by the largest team of dedicated IAM Recruitment Consultants in the market. We can identify and connect with Talent across the Industry faster than anyone else.

Attracting talent.

At Cloud International we are at the forefront of trying to close the IAM Skills Gap. We are investing heavily in advertising and marketing to entice new talent into the IAM space from areas we know have transferable skills. More qualified professionals will allow businesses to accelerate growth to the benefit of all of us who operate in this fast paced market. 

Your complete staffing solution.

Our recruitment solution has been designed with the unique challenges of the IAM staffing market in mind. From fully qualifying the Job Orders to coaching professionals through the Interview Process, we have decades worth of combined experience in understanding the nuances of recruiting into the IAM space.

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