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Cloud team at Identiverse 2018

It’s been a month since the 2018 Identiverse tech event came to a close – and what a great week in Boston we all had!

As well as the main sponsors Microsoft, Google, IDMWorks and the founding sponsor OPTIV, many more of the top identity and access security tech companies in the world were present. Being the global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) Recruitment, Cloud International could not have missed it either


The Cloud International team at Identiverse 2018
The Cloud International team outside Identiverse 2018

The conference gave us the chance to learn from some of the most prevalent tech companies through a huge range of keynotes, sessions and masterclasses. We also took the opportunity to visit the exhibition stands and talk to other top industry professionals.

Waqar opening the Auth0 safe at Identiverse
Waqar trying to open the Auth0 safe at Identiverse

Conversations focussed on IAM and security as well as new privacy regulations and it was great to see so many people engaging with something they feel passionately about.

Getting to know you

We wanted to dig a little deeper and find out more about the people we work alongside. We talked to a wide range of people and we offered them the chance to win £100 worth of Amazon vouchers by filling in a quick survey about their experience of working within the industry.

An Identiverse attendee fills out the survey
An Identiverse attendee fills out the survey

Fun, games and security

IDM Works took a creative look at dealing with IAM challenges for their Stop Wrestling with Your Identity Management session by offering a free IAM assessment to anyone who could knock champion sumo wrestler Byamba out of the ring.

Sumo wrestler at Identiverse
IDM Works brought along sumo champion Byamba

Our time at Indentiverse 2018 was brought to an end with an incredible performance from ZZ Auth, a band made up of professionals from across the industry. Is there a better way to end a conference than with a big industry party? We don’t think so!

Overall, Identiverse was a fantastic experience. The tech industry is forever changing and events like this make it easy to keep up to date with the progress that’s being made.

We can’t wait for next year!

You can find out more about Identiverse on their website.




July 24th, 2018 / Cloud International