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Interested in a career in recruitment, but not sure what it entails? We've got you covered!

Recruitment can be a funny industry to get your head around if you're new to it. There are so many different types of recruitment; no two businesses are the same, even if they recruit for the same roles. That's why it's so important to find a niche that you're interested in and a business that will help you thrive, provide training and let your work do the talking.

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Reach Your Peak

At Cloud International, we foster a culture of positivity and ambition, with everything you will need to set and smash your goals.

Everything we do at Cloud International is to become better each and every day. Our philosophy of continual improvement drives our ambition and is the fuel for success.

We empower all our team members to own their path to success and define their goals and ambitions. We take a holistic approach to success and recognise the importance of health, wellness and a positive mindset on the journey to the top. That's why our compensation, benefits, career development opportunities and culture are all geared towards creating a positive work environment where everyone can be their best selves inside and outside of work.

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​Cloud in the community

We recognise the importance of being a socially responsible organisation and this informs the standards we uphold, the way we operate, our environmental commitments and our activities within the community.

We encourage our team to be active members of the community and regularly host charity fundraising events. We offer time off work so that our team can give back to the community and support causes that are close to their hearts.

Each year, we pick three charities to sponsor and hold fundraising activities, awareness campaigns and donation drives throughout the year.

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Work Hard, Play Hard

It's not all about work at Cloud! We're a fun-loving bunch and we get rewarded for a job well done. How do monthly lunch clubs to London's top restaurants; jet-set holiday incentives to Miami, Dubai, Ibiza; competitions; Christmas prizes; summer parties; and regular social events sound?