Positivity and ambition drive everything we do

We're a values-led organisation which means that everyone in the business lives the Cloud values. Ever seen a business boast that its values are 'honesty' and 'integrity'? At Cloud we think this is a given - we hope that everyone values honesty, integrity, and the like.

Our values are at the heart of our business. Whether we're speaking with clients, candidates, or to each other, the values are front and center.

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The Cloud Values

Rise Above

Raising standards and leading by example.

At Cloud, we always rise above. If there is a challenge we address it, and there is nothing we cannot do with enough thought and a positive mindset.

We take full ownership and full accountability of our businesses, our lives and our society.

We rise above.
Rise Above

No Friendly Fire

Cooperation is the thorough conviction that you cannot reach a goal unless everyone gets to that goal.

We are hugely ambitious and to achieve our goals we need total cooperation. As such, we refuse to accept any Friendly Fire. That means we only create opportunities for each other; we do not create problems.

This extends to our customers, candidates and suppliers as well. We work with mutual respect, and we do the right thing by everyone.

Rise Above

Kaizen - Change for good

We believe in life long learning.

Kaizen means 'change for good' and is a philosophy of continuous improvement.

Simply put, we will be better tomorrow than we are today. We will be better next week than we are this week. And we will be better next month than we are this month - both in our professional and personal lives.

We are open to change for the better, and continuously strive to do so.

Kaizen Change For Good

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