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Pre-Introduction Terms of Business

Technology Sourcing Limited trading as Cloud International (CI) a company incorporated in England and Wales under company number 08762967 and whose registered office is at is 1c Riparian Way, Crosshills, BD20 7AA

Pre-introduction Terms of Business

Please read these terms of agreement carefully as they are binding to you.
These terms govern the introduction of a contractor by Cloud International (“CI”) to you (“the Client”) prior to formal terms of business being agreed.
The information we provide is supplied solely for the purpose of providing an introductory service and upon receipt of such information you agree to the following provisions:

  1. An introduction shall be deemed to have taken place when CI provides the Client with any information relating to a Contractor (including an individual, a limited company and/or its consultants), in whatever format said information is submitted.

  2. An introduction of a Contractor to the Client from Agency name is Client specific and not role or vacancy specific. Once a Contractor is introduced to the Client the above terms apply for any roles or vacancies which the Client Engages with the Contractor for.

  3. Should the Client already be in communication with the introduced Contractor for a vacancy or role and unequivocal, affirmative and reciprocal communication is provided to CI within 5 days of the introduction, these terms will not be binding in relation to the specific Contractor for that specific role or vacancy.

  4. If, within 12 months of an introduction, a Contractor is appointed, retained or utilised by the Client or any subsidiary, associated company or client of the Client (“Affiliates”), directly or indirectly (“Engage”), then the contract MUST take place through CI.

  5. Should the Client or its Affiliates Engage the Contractor directly, via another agency or under a contract of employment then a fee (“the Introduction Fee”) becomes payable by the Client to CI which is calculated at twelve weeks of the anticipated gross charge out rate.

  6. If a Contractor is appointed and agreed terms of business for contract recruitment services are signed by both parties (or Client’s own terms where appropriate) the terms of the signed agreement will supersede these pre-introduction terms.